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Anderson Haunted Trail Dungeons of Delhi Haunted Spook Coop Mill of Fear School of the Dead
Asylum Fearfest Haunted Swamp Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall Slaughter House
Baxter Avenue Morgue Gates of Terror Horror House New Richmond Cats House of Horror St. Rita's Haunted House
Bonnybrook Farm Hayride The Haunt House of Nightmares Nightmare at The Beach Terror Maze/Mad Jaxe
Buford Haunted School Haunted Dry Docks Industrial Nightmare Nightmare on Valley Street Terror Park
Bull Run Farms Black Bog Hamilton Haunted Hayride Jamestown Haunted Woods Ohio State Reformatory (Prison) Terror Within Zombie Island
Bull Run Farms Hayride Haunted Hotel Lewisburg Cave Panic Box / Krueger's Corn Maze USS Frightliner
Chambers of Horror Haunted Pharmacy Loveland Castle Pataska Haunted Forest USS Nightmare
Dead Acres Haunted Schoolhouse (Dent) Middletown Haunted Trail Psycho Path Xenia Dungeon of Doom
13861 Broad St. SW
Columbus, Ohio
(740) 927-3568 
$15 ($25 VIP line) + $2 Parking
Dead Acres
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9 ½ DEAD ACRES: This Haunt starts off by entering into a spooky looking building. The walls are made of stone making this a very realistic experience. There are many rooms inside all with numerous props! Early on, you encounter a  maintenance man shoveling coal into a burner in the furnace room. He comes at you, his shovel screeching across the concrete floor. There are mad men behind fences, creatures up in the rafters, and scares around every corner! A giant serpent or dragon sprays a mist as he propels toward you. There's a skeleton room with giant skulls, and  animal remains over a fire  that come alive! There's an Exorcist room where a girl floats upward and  hovers over her bed, and a giant monster that propels towards you out of the bed next to her. The matress rises up, and the monster shoots out from underneath. Did you ever hear a young boy say, "there's a monster under my bed?" That monster is inside Dead Acres! You hear the blast of a loud horn, and before you know it there's a school bus coming right at you. Look out!!  There's much much more inside I don't want to give it all away. Many actors, and as mentioned, tons of mechanical props! Something or someone is always coming at you. This Haunt is non-stop scares - an absolute MUST SEE haunted attraction. Length-8, about 12 minutes. Actors-10, They are everywhere, and never let you have one second's peace. Props-10. This Haunt is equipped with the most we've encountered anywhere. The halls and rooms are loaded! Scariness-10, The scares and surprises inside are endless!! Ashley and Sarah accompanied us on our visit to this Haunt and they were screaming and jumping first in one direction, then another! Design-10, This one is excellent - never a dull moment. Value-9, $15, you definitely get your money's worth! If this Haunt were a little longer it would be the perfect haunted house. Final Score-9 ½  If you go to one Haunt this season, make it this one. FABULOUS! 
451 Baxter Ave.
Louisville, KY
(502) 589-0959
Baxter Avenue Morgue
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Baxter Avenue Morgue
9+ THE BAXTER MORGUE:  This is one of the best! You enter into the Parlor of the morgue containing a coffin guarded by a ghoul. There are pictures and documents on the walls recounting some of the Morgue's actual past.. You then proceed through a door where the mortician is waiting for you, and the door slams shut behind you! There's no escape now. The Mortician bids you welcome, and instructs you to be careful on your visit saying you never know what you might see inside. You now enter the morgue and immediately encounter the most realistic bodybags I've ever seen in a haunt. They're black, and hanging from the ceiling. The contents of the bodybags are heavy and definitely appear to contain bodies! Down the dark hallway and around the next bend a gothic, wooden casket comes sliding down a shoot towards you. This is a very dark and creepy place. You pass by an evil coroner, where there are several dead, bloody bodies on hospital gurneys, and blood stained sheets. Drawers to the closed body vaults all begin to shake and vibrate as you continue on. Fantastic effect creating the illusion that the morgue is indeed haunted! There are dead body parts all over, and dead bodies on the open vault drawers! As you walk down the next dark, eerie corridor crazed zombies behind chain link fence reach out and grab at you. Next, you walk by what looks like a naked girl with several "Psyco" style stab wounds who is alive and reaching out to you. The doorway to the next room is through a casket inverted on its end with the bottom removed! It's cloth interior is intact and walking through is an eerie experience. It leads into a very cold room - the cold sensation indicative of evil spirits! (The operators claim this cold is unintential, but several of us noticed the temperature change). Look out! Remember you never know what you may encounter. There are many other surprises inside the Morgue including a mechanical pig prop, hands that reach out and grab at your legs, and a ghoul who slides down one of the hallways overhead suspended from the ceiling. If you're in the Halloween spirit, this is one haunt you don't want to miss - it's very traditional Halloween. Length-8, about 15 minutes. Actors-9, they gave us lots of scares. Props-9, Lots of coffins, gurneys, and "death". Scariness-10, Being a former morgue adds to the effect. This is a very spooky place. Design-9, this one is fantastic. I loved walking through the casket! Value-8, It's a great haunt, but it's also the most expensive. Final Score-9+ We really enjoyed the Baxter Avenue Morgue and definitely  recommend a visit to this Haunt. DO NOT miss this one!
3000 S. 4th St.
Louisville, KY
(502) 634-4478
$13 - ($2 discount coupon on web site)
- coupon valid Thursdays and Sundays only -
The Haunted Hotel
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.Bloody Cook
9+ THE HAUNTED HOTEL:  This is an awesome haunted attraction.. You enter the Hotel and go immediately into an elevator. The doors close and the elevator begins to shake and vibrate, and you can hear the gears and pulleys grinding overhead. The lights on the panel board flash off and on until the elevator finally stops and all the lights go out!  A ghoul appears from out of nowhere, and the doors open to the 13th floor of the Haunted Hotel.. Once inside, there are terrors around every corner and in every room. There's a baby's crib with a headless skeleton that pops up to scare you in one of the early rooms. A mad butcher appears in another room and sparks fly off of his knife as he drags it across the table. At the bottom of the stairs, there's a skeleton playing an organ. It's a mechanical prop and it  suddenly pops up and lunges  toward you. This is sure to startle most people. Be careful where you walk -at one point, the floor moves beneath your feet!  In an upstairs room, what appears to be a "naked" girl is showering behind a curtain. I stopped to look, and a voice shouted out telling me to "quit looking at that girl," then, I felt the miist from the shower overspray. If you stay too long, you're attacked by a ghoul with a chainsaw. In another apparently empty room, a curtain suddenly raises and you see a leopard skin bikini clad girl lying on her back. When you stop to look in, the curtain closes just as quickly as it opened! I wonder if she's still alive! Another room is home to a monster with an ax. Watch out for him because he swings it around behind a fence and sparks shoot everywhere. Still another room contains skulls that pop out at you - another really cool effect. There are so many great props inside this Hotel I can't list them all. The actors are some of the best around. They never let up on you. In the Hotel there are scares around every corner, and in every room - sometimes two and three at a time! A side door leads down a flight of stairs and into the back and side of the Hotel. where you walk through corridors with another chainsaw toting madman, and wind up looking up at a 20 foot high mechanical monster making scary sounds and clutching a victim in its hand. Watch out for a car crashing through the bushes blasting its horn, and a vicious mechanical dog named Chopper in the backyard. There's a final maze occupied by yet another chansaw carrying maniac. This one wears a gas mask, and chases you until you find your way out of the maze! Hopefully you'll find the exit before he gets you! Length-8, about 15 minutes.Actors-10, there were many in the Hotel, all ready to scare the living daylights out of you! They had actors in every room, all doing an excellent job surprising you. They are really into it! Design-8  The Hotel is a 10, but the outside is somewhat anticlimatic because The Hotel itself is so good. I found myself regretting that part of it was over - like that let down feeling you experience the day after Christmas! There was no way the exterior could possibly compare to what's inside  Scariness-9, Loads and loads of surprises, startles, and scares inside. Props-10, Some of the best props I've seen this Halloween season - rooms are loaded.; decor is classic. Value-9, You get your $13 worth and more at the Hotel . They'll  leave the lights OFF for you!!! Final Score-9+  This is one of the best haunts we've ever visited - not only in Kentucky, but anyplace - An absolute must see! FANTASTIC!
7520 Johnstown Rd.
Mt. Vernon, Ohio
(740) 393-2005
$12 ($5 discount coupon available on their
website good on specific days ONLY)
The House of Nightmares
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House of Nightmares
9 HOUSE OF NIGHTMARES: The old house was built in 1875. It's a big, spooky place and  just looking at it from the outside gets you into the Halloween spirit. As you approach the house, you experience strobe lights, thunder, and spooky music playing to welcome your arrival. There's also a "graveyard" underneath the stairs you walk up to enter the House of Nightmares!  Once inside the Butler takes you into an old elevator shaft and slams the door. There is no escape!  Someone died in this elevator shaft years ago and he's rumored to still haunt this house. After a few minutes the Butler returns, offers some scary info about the house, and sends you on your way.  Up first is a maze with spooks inside to hinder your progress. It wasn't difficult to navigate, although it was very dark. You next go up a flight of stairs to the third floor where you buy your tickets. There's also a museum inside the house as an added attraction, .so we thought we'd take a look  The museum features displays of various midieval torture devices. You  see a torture rack, pointed pyramid, interrogation chair, broken on the wheel, guillotine, a head crusher and a few more. This was a really great way to begin the experience. Onto the Haunt itself. Up one more  flight of stairs to the fourth floor where you enter a clown room. The  room goes completely dark, and  when the lights come back on  two "killer" clowns appear. There are lots of eerie corridors to  navigate through the house, and numerous, well decorated rooms including  the insane asylum. Here, girls with blood on their shirts are looking at you  through a chain link fence. You turn a bend and you, yourself are inside the asylum. An " insane" girl comes at you  with a bloody knife. There's also a crazy girl playing with a bloody doll. She keeps talking to it as if it were real. You eventually make your way down 4 flights of stairs to the cellar. There are many rooms and creepy things down here as well. You cross a small bridge which begins to shake and vibrate as you get about halfway across. There's a giant coffin room with flickering candelabras where Count  Dracula is sure to make an appearance! There's a giant well, and a nearby RING girl warning that you only have 7 days to live! On your journey through this Haunt you will see rats, bodiless heads moving on a table, and a falling bookcase in the haunted dining room. You walk through a scary graveyard, and one  never know what's lurking in a graveyard! You go down one more flight of steps to the boiler room occupied of course by Freddy Krueger! If you escape Freddy you have a chance to make it to the exit of the Haunt. Watch out, someone or something could be lurking in the bushes outside! Length-9, 20 minutes. Design-9, This place has so many different rooms. Could make the maze at the beginning a little more difficult. Actors-9, There were many approx. 50 actors along the way. Great job of scaring us - only saw 2 kiddy actors. Props-8, They paid close attention to detailing each and every room, but I think they could've used a few more high tech props along the way. Scariness-10, lots of actors popping up from out of nowhere to scare you. The house itself  is very scary to begin with.  It LOOKS haunted! Sina, Patty, and Mandi accompanied us to this Haunt and they were TERRIFIED! Value-9, I'd definitely say you get your $12 worth., Final Score-9  If Hollywood was in need of a haunted house for a Steven King  movie, they'd look no farther than the House of Nightmares! A VERY SPOOKY HAUNT in the traditional Halloween sense!  We highly recommend a visit.
4753 E. Lower Springboro Rd. 
Waynesville, Ohio
(937) 603-5228
$10 + $ 2 parking 
($1 off coupon available here.)
9 HAUNTED SPOOK COOP:  This Haunt has great props, and lots of them. Many surprises once inside. Starts off in a dark maze - not too difficult to navigate, but there is one spot near the end where you can run smack into a 2 x 4.  Two of us did so. We laughed it off , but be careful if you go. Then you go into a lot of rooms with numerous mechanical, moving props. Too many rooms to mention them all - every one was different. Lots of monsters inside. You go through in groups of 6-8. Our group contained two high school girls who were terrified of clowns, so when we got into the clowns' playroom with plastic balls and 4 killer clowns, the fun started. The girls went through the balls and got stuck. There was a sink-hole near the end, pretty cool. The clowns pounced on them. It was great - they screamed and screamed, and the clowns kept them there for about 5 mins. before letting them go. Lots of fun here at the Coop. Review.-Length-10  about 20-mins. to walk thru . Actors about an 8, a few kiddy actors, Props-9 lots of mechanical  props inside done really well. Design-9, Inside this old chicken coop, they did a great job. Scariness about an 8 ½ , make sure you go thru with someone who gets scared and you will really enjoy this one.Value 8 - well worth the price of admission even though I hate paying $2 to park Final Score 9.  We all enjoyed this one - one of the best this Halloween. Go Now!!!
Newport on the Levy
Newport , Kentucky 
(859) 261-8500
$14  - ($4 off coupon on web site)
USS Nightmare
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9 USS NIGHTMARE :  This was a pleasant surprise this year. They changed the design of the old barge. Had a lot of actors working the Weds. night we visited. Had the rat girl, a girl with live rats crawling on her. This scared two girls we went in with. The barge was dark and lots of creepy crew men wondering the ship. We enjoyed the new design, and the scary crewmen around every corner. Freddy, Michael, Vampiress, witches all on the barge. This was a long haunt about 25 minutes to walk through. Great haunt this year - much better then in years past. I highly recommend this one this year.  Length-25 mins. we'll give it a 10. Props-9 some old and some new big props in here. , Actors-9, there were many, and they did a great job.  Design-9 since they changed it for 2004 and made it better. Scariness-8 ½ ,they had a lot of actors jumping out along the way, and the barge itself looks scary. Final Score 9. Value-Well worth $10. This was one of the best so far in 2004. I highly recommend this haunted attraction. Once you go through the USS nightmare. You can go a second time for only $3.  Must get hand stamped at the end at the concession booth. Go again. We did!!!!!
326 Anderson Ferry Rd.
Cincinnati, Ohio
$8 ($1 discount with a canned good)
Dungeons of Delhi
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8 ½ DUNGEON OF DELHI:  This Haunt starts off with Michael Myers terrorizing the customers waiting in line to get into the dungeon. Once inside, you enter the Bates Motel where a ghoul welcomes your arrival, and a scary bellhop offers to help carry your bags. You can check in, but  may not check out!! There are plenty of rooms inside. You visit Count Dracula's grave site where you find him asleep in his coffin. Of course, he awakens, so watch your neck!  Very creepy music plays throughout the Haunt. There's the house of Hell - I won't give away what happens inside. You hear pounding on the walls as you walk through a dark corridor. There's a clowns' room, but these clowns don't want to play! Watch your step because the floors mysteriously move beneath your feet. Inside the Monster garage, ghouls are looking for body parts to complete their creation, and you also visit Dr. Frankenstien's Laboratory where the monster is ALIVE! Another room is death row featuring two doomed inmates screaming for help from behind the bars of their cells while another prisoner  fries  in the electric chair. There are plenty of other frights inside including a crazy ghoul in a welder's hood, a gas masked chainsaw manic causing sparks to fly off a chainlink fence, and even a gorilla on the loose. Watch out for that Gorilla! He chased us all the way out to the parking lot. Lengnth-7, about 12 minutes. Actors-8½, Did a great job of scaring us. There were a few kiddy actors. Scariness-8, The girls we went in with were scared to death! Design-8, As always, this Haunt  was very well designed - lots of surprises. Props-9 some of the best in Cincinnati. Value-9, $7 gets you a ton of scares. Final Score 8½  This one is well worth the money! DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!
6261 Old U.S. Route 35
Jamestown, Ohio
Castle of Doom at Jamestown Haunted Woods
8 ½ JAMESTOWN HAUNTED WOODS: We didn't think we'd find a trail any better then Nightmare on Valley St. Here in Jamestown we did! This Haunt was excellent. You start out going into the Castle of Doom.which is a very dark maze. It wasn't that difficult to navigate your way through, just very dark. There were lots of well hidden ghouls jumping out in the maze. From there you enter the woods where lots of surprises await you along the way. There are a lot of good props in these woods, and lots of monsters scaring our group as we walked through the numerous buildings set up along the trail. The woods are really dense which makes for a really dark, scary trail.  As you get deeper in the woods, you enter a corn field . Again, lots of ghouls hidden amongst the corn stalks waiting to jump out and scare you. At one point, a large flash goes off and blinds everyone, making it that much more difficult to see. Blinded from the flash, the ghouls seize the opportunity to come out of the fields to attack and scare you. There are spungy floors in a few different spots on the trail where you feel like you're sinking down into the earth. Next, you must navigate through an old horse trailer filled with straw and monsters, then exit the cornfield and re-enter the woods. There are loads of monsters and props along the way.  This is a very long trail - just over a mile in length, boasting lots of surprises. and very few dead spots. It's a great trail! We highly recommend visiting these haunted woods. Length-10, over a mile long. Actors-8 ½, boatloads of actors along the way. There were a few kiddy actors, but not many. Value-9, you get your ten dollars worth. Scariness-9, It's very dark and the 5 girls who accompanied us were terrified. Props-7 ½- They had a lot of different scenes along the trail, but I think they could add a few high-tech props. Design-9, well placed props and numerous monsters.. I highly recommend a visit.(go with someone who gets scared). Final Score-8 ½
(Formerly Nightmare Estates)
2590 Water Park Drive
Mason, Ohio (513) 754-1899
$10 + $2 parking
($2 off coupon  on web site)
Nightmare Estates
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another victim for Freddy
8 ½ NIGHTMARE AT THE BEACH:  This haunt use to be known as Nightmare Estates. They've moved a block away to the Beach waterpark. This is a really cool haunted experience. You start out in a room with an open casket. The corpse talks to you, commanding guys to remove their hats out of  respect for the dead, and asking the girls' names, of course. This is a great beginning - much different from other haunts. Next you go through a series of rooms where you're stalked by Michael Myers. Another room is based on the movie THE RING, a clip from which is playing on TV. Here, as in the movie, you encounter an old, ugly, wicked woman who warns everyone they will die in 7 days - Freaky! There are several other well decorated rooms including the office of an evil school principal, then a series of maze-like black walls you have to find your way out of. This took a couple minutes, and brings you out in back of the haunt where you enter an old School bus with dead bodies for passengers, and FREDDY KRUGER on top of the bus! I was surprised to see Freddy standing up there. This was a neat effect. As you walk through the bus, a girl inside calls out to you for help. Upon exiting the bus through the back door, Freddy reaches down from atop the bus trying to grab you. This Freddy had real knives as fingers - you could here him clanging them on the bus top! There were a couple more rooms, then a dark Maze. This maze was well done and took us several minutes to navigate our way through. There is a killer clown in the maze to scare you along the way, and one spot near the end where you can look through a window and see the exit, but you can't get to it! We really enjoyed this New Haunt at the Beach. Props-8 the bus and talking corpse are excellent. They could use a few more mechanical props in here to make this haunt awesome. Actors.-8 ½  .There were lots of actors working here, and they all did a great job. Length-9, it was about 20 -25 minutes to go through. Could last longer if you get lost in the maze. Scariness.-9, the talking corpse will scare your average teenage girl and Freddy and the other actors never let up on you. Design.8 For setting this up after having to move, they did a pretty  good job.Value $10 it's well worth it. with a $2 off coupon on their website, you get in for $8 on Thurs. and Sun. Can't be that - only $8 for a really good Haunt. I still hate paying to park though! This is a really fun haunt. It gets  better every year! Final Score 8 ½
6070 Springboro Rd 
Lebanon , Ohio
(937) 748-2272
$10 - ($1 off coupon at Scary Ohio)
Bull Run Farms Haunted Hayride
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8 ½ BULL RUN FARMS HAUNTED HAYRIDE:  This is a really good Hayride. Before heading into the woods, the wagon stops inside an old barn where the doors are shut and various monsters warn that they're "watching you". As you enter the woods, you are approached by the Headless Horseman - great costume and a real horse! He goes by and follows the hayride for awhile. While in the woods their are lots of different scenes. You get attacked by a big truck with a crazy driver. It closely follows the hayride and looks like it's going to run into you. There's also a noisy Hearse with a powerful engine blasting flames skyward that comes out and chases the hayride. There's a skeleton behind the wheel, and a "dead" zombie-like guy in the passenger seat who reaches out of the hearse window and grabs at the people on the left side of the hayride (best scenes on the left, so that's the side to sit on). This was a very neat effect. There are more scenes including a combine that comes out of the cornfield to chase the wagon, but there's also a few dead spots where nothing's happening. If they add scenes and actors to these areas this could be a ten as far as hayrides go. Overall- length was about 20 mins.so we'll give it a 9,  Props-10 (love the headless horseman, hearse, truck, combine) , Actors,-8 ½ many jumped up on the haywagon, but too many were kiddy actors, Scariness-8, people were scared but, needed more adult ghouls and actors to jump aboard. Design, 7 a few too many dead spots. Value-This hayride is just a little better then the one at Hamilton,. It costs $2 more, but it's worth it. A really good Hayride. Final Score 8  ½
100 Reformatory Rd.
Mansfield, Ohio
(419) 522-9053
Ohio State Reformatory Haunted Prison
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8 ½ OHIO STATE REFORMATORY HAUNTED PRISON: The Reformatory was built in 1896. It housed many prisoners through the 1980's. One famous prisoner that had a stay in the reformatory was Country Outlaw David Allan Coe. The prison officially shut it's doors in 1990. This was our first visit to the prison. You can see this castle like building from the main road. As you approach you can't help but think how scary it's going to be inside. You enter this haunt through two large doors into a spacious room.. You can see small rooms off to the sides, one of which houses an old wooden electric chair! This sets the mood for the scares about to come inside the prison. There our newspaper clippings on a bulletin board  about the horrors inside. They talk about friendly and unfriendly ghosts. The ghosts apparently  haunt the old cell blocks.A ghoul summons you upstairs!. It's time to go to prison! You first enter the Warden's office. Here you get scared by some mechanical props and some ghouls. You then go through a series of rooms. It's now time to enter into the prison area. You see old rusted iron bars on the cells. A prisoner comes at you, and sparks fly off his knife as he hits it on the steel cell bars  He's trying to get out! You go down three flights of stairs into SOLITARY CONFINEMENT where you go through a corridor looking at a row of very small cells with full iron doors. There are surprises popping out along the way. If you can escape solitaire, you'll wind up in the East Cell Block. Here you'll find row after row of old jail cells. It is a very eerie, scary, uneasy feeling walking past these cells. There are lots of crazed prisoners inside. Watch out! I heard there was a prison riot. There are crazed prisoners still on the loose in the east cell block.  This Haunt is a very realistic experience. Length-8, about 15 minutes. I hope they make it a little longer next year. There is so much potential to be bigger and better. Actors-7, They actors were hidden well, but there needed to be a few more prisoner attacks. Scariness-10, If you're not scared going into this haunt you never will be! It gives everybody "the creeps". Design-9, It's a scary old prison and it's authentic! Enough said. Props-8, There are some animatrics inside, but mostly it's jail cells and "prisoners".Value-8, at $13 it's a bit expensive. Final Score-8 ½ This is a very spooky place. Make sure you bring your get out of jail free card, and watch out for the prisoners. They may lock you up in solitaire! We recommend a stay in this prison.
450 Bessinger Rd off B-Street 
Hamilton, Ohio 
8 HAUNTED WOODS (HAMILTON, OH):  This was a pretty good Hayride. The first five minutes to the woods are boring, but once you get to them it gets good. There are plenty of scenes with major props. Everything from a COMBINE with killer teeth and dead babies attached coming from the fields to chase the haywagon. There is also a demo derby style pick up truck that tries to cut off the hayride, spewing flames up from the engine. Very loud muffler system and flames. There is an old barn to go through with killer clowns and many many more scenes along the way. There is one spot where a ghoul flies over the top of the hayride hanging from a pulley on  a high wire attached to the trees. If you go, look for the wire (this is one cool thing to see). He moves fast so be on the alert (about 14 mins into the hayride on the turn back).  Length-10, about 25 minutes only slow part was the beginning.  props-9 ½ there are plenty in use here. Actors-5  I'd rate them a lot higher, but were a lot of kid actors ages 11 to 13. They jumped on and off the hayride to scare a lot of the people, but kiddie actors donít do it for us. In all there were probably about 100 actors along the trail for lots of terrorizing of the passengers. Scariness-7 lots of jumping on and off hayride, usual monsters, Jason, Freddy, clowns, etc. Many of the people were scared and on the floor in the middle of the hayride. Two girls around 18 were terrified. Design-8 ½ Overall a great hayride. Value - Worth the $8 price Go and enjoy this hayride.
1601 S. University Blvd. 
Middletown, Ohio
$9 - ($1 off coupon on website)
Chambers of Horror
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8 CHAMBERS OF HORROR:  We first reviewed the Chambers on opening night and found it somewhat disappointing. However, they were kind enough to invite us back and Wow! did they deliver this time around. Scary music serenaded us while we waited in line. At the entrance, there are double doors which are kept closed until time for your group to enter. When your turn comes, a ghoul butler (who played his role fabulously) shows you the way in. Through the doors, a spooky waiting room with more scary music is where you purchase tickets form sellers also in costume.  The butler now directs you into the Chambers! First, you have to navigate some uneven floors to make your way to a room with 6 doors. You must pick the right one to get out, and various monsters hound you the entire time you're in the room. There are surprises behind each door.  Some are locked, and others have monsters waiting behind them ready to jump out and frighten you. One leads into a hallway which you think is the correct way out, but is actually a dead end!  The correct door is locked at first, but one of the ghouls secretly unlocks it while you are looking for the way out.  It leads into a series of rooms where you encounter two mad butchers (Watch out for them! You may wind up locked in one of their freezers!). At one point along your journey,  the walls come closing in on you, and a short while later the ceiling drops making you think it's going to fall on you. There is also a shrinking path that gets smaller and smaller and you eventually have to crawl to make your way through the opening. In one of the rooms, you see a mosnster holding a large bloody knife next to a girl's head on a table - she's alive, but has no body at all (just her head on the table).  You could look underneath the table and see nothing but space. The Chambers was excellent this time around. Too bad that the people who went through on opening night didn't get to experience this!   The new chambers is possibly the best haunt in Middletown! Length-7, about 15 minutes. Actors-9, There were lots of them and they engage you much of the time you're in the Chambers. All the actors were doing a great job of scaring us. Props-8, The ceiling and walls were excellent. Scariness-9, The butchers and their freezers are one of the scariest things around! Design-7, You can see the original lights from this building on the ceiling. Mostly constructed of  wooden boards painted black. The Haunt is in it's first year at their new permanent site, so watch out for things to come next year!  Value-8, The second time around we got our $9 worth. Final Score-8
Valley street
Dayton, Ohio
$10 - ($2 off coupon on web site)
Nightmare on Valley Street
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8 NIGHTMARE ON VALLEY STREET: This was a really good haunt. This is a long trail through the woods. This haunt is done very well. There are lights on a real car that comes toward you, and then drives off to the side. There were plenty of monsters along the way. There was a ghoul driving a Quad Runner chasing you down the path. There are lots of chainsaws along the way. There was the floating girl, with only a head and shoulders - no lower body yelling help me! Help! Loads of props on this trail with no dead spots. There was even a fortune teller to answer any of your questions. This trail had just about everything. As far as haunted trails go this one will be hard to beat this year. If you like haunted trails this one could be  the best in 2004. Length-9, about 20 minutes to go through. Actors.-9, did a great job. There were plenty of them along the way. Props-7 They had several vehicles with loud engines, quads and many others. They could use a few more mechanical props. Scariness-7 Lots of monsters and chainsaws to scare you. Design-8 not bad for a trail.Value-9 for the $8 it was well worth it. A really great trail. Final Score 8
401 W. River Rd.
(4th Street Wharf)
Louisville, KY
USS Freightliner
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8 USS FRIGHTLINER: This Haunt starts off with a video of Capt. Carnivore telling the history of his Haunted steamboat while you wait in line. Early on in your journey through the Frightliner, you walk across a transparent cat-walk where you look down and see water below. The cat-walk leads to the boiler room.which is staffed by scary looking crewmen. This is followed by a really good  vortex tunnel which makes you feel like you're turning sideways. Off the vortex, you soon enter the ship's kitchen where you meet the cook -  a crazy, scary  Pirate who wants to have you for dinner! This guy was a really good actor! The decks of the ship are very dark and mysterious. A projection of the ghost of the ship's Captain appears outside the Captain's Quarters warning you against entering. This too is well done and makes you think twice about entering. There are many surprises along the way including a giant scary clown head mechanical prop that pops up out of a box to startle you.  There's also an electricution of a man (a prop, not an actor) strapped to a table.  The "current" is causing his head to rise up off the table and "thump" back down. The ship gets very foggy as you enter the freezer room giving the appearance of dry ice. Watch out for the crazy crew! There is a descending ceiling that makes you crawl through a small opening. There's some chemical waste leaking on board the ship guarded by a crazed female crew member. As you walk past, a mist from the waste sprays out and may get you slightly wet! Near the end of the Haunt is the "body shoot" - a slide down to the lower deck of the ship through a fully enclosed, dimly lit, fog filled cylinder. You go down the slide ALONE into a dark, foggy room. I'm not telling what's down below, but if you survive the body shoot, you may make it off the ship! Length-9, about 20 minutes. Actors-8, The pirate cook gets a ten. Props-7, love the body shoot - could use a few more high tech props though. Scariness-9, The atmosphere aboard the ship is outstanding - very dark and foggy throughout. The body shoot is frightening because you can't see your destination through the fog - one member of our group refused to go down the slide!  Design-8-This ship itself is very intimidating and unnerving, and includes some nice surprises. Value-7,  it's $13 - a bit high, but you do get a lot of scares. Final Score-8  We strongly recommend experiencing this Haunt.
(3 haunts in 1)
8762 Thomas Rd. 
Middletown, Ohio
(513) 423-9960
$25 for all 3
Middletown Haunted Trail
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7 ½ THE MIDDLETOWN HAUNTED TRAIL(3 haunts in 1):  This one is a little hard to find. The maps and directions are off because of a road name change. If you go here take 122 west off I-75 into Middletown , bear right onto North University, turn left on route 4 to Thomas road, then turn right,one block on left. This is the new location now for the trail. Now onto the review. The New Middletown Trail is better than the old one. There were a lot of props used along the way. There are many different scenes, and lots of scary people on the path. It's about 20 mins. to walk through the whole trail. Lots of ghouls lurking in the shadows to scare you, voices coming out of the corn fields as you walk through, like in children of the corn. There was a really neat vampire grave scene with a vampiress. Nice props here. Review- length-9  long for a trail. Props-8 spent lots of money. Actors-7, pretty many out there doing a good job scaring people. Design-8, could be a bit better. a few, but not many dead spots. Scariness-8, some surprises out there. Final Score 7 ½.
8 THE HAUNTED ESTATE AT THE TRAIL:  This one is a small trail leading up to an old farmhouse with lots of great props outside before you go inside. Once inside there are even more impressive props. There's a caged animal room with lots of wild animals in cages making noices. There's even a giant gorilla that pops up out of his cage. There's a room where a rat runs across the table top. This was cool. It moves fast so don't miss it. Lots of other neat props. Length about 10 mins.-7, if they made this longer it would've been great. Props-10 lots of cool and different things here. Actors-7, needed a few more. Design-8 ½ this was nicely built. Scariness-8. Final Score 8.
7 THE TEMPLE OF TERROR AT THE TRAIL  This is the 3rd haunted building at the trail. The temple isn't as good as the other two. There are some nice props inside, but not as good as the estate. The highlight in the temple is a falling ceiling. The girls who went in with us screamed their lungs out - they thought it was really going to hit them. Overall not bad. Ratings: Length-6, about 9 minutes. Props-7, the ceiling was a 10, but needed a few more. Scariness-7, Design-6, could've been better. Actors-7, needed a few more in the temple to make it better. Final Score 7.
7 ½ OVERALL SCORE OF THE 3 HAUNTS AT MIDDLETOWN TRAIL  About a 7 ½ Value- (all 3 Haunts for $25) That's about $8 per haunt. It's worth it. Note- If you go, get there early and go to the trail first. The line is slower, and gets longer as the night goes on. We recommend these 3 haunts.
Corner of So.Detroit and 3rd street. 
Xenia, Ohio
7 ½ XENIA DUNGEON OF DOOM:  This Haunt is in the basement of an old abandoned warehouse. You start off in a series of rooms, then you meet a girl that says she's been waiting for someone to come through , 'cause her friends got scared and ran off leaving her behind. She asks to go with you saying she was too frightened to continue on alone. She was a plant. Freddy Kruger sneaks up on you in the next room and grabs her. Not a bad idea, I was surprised!! Next, you go into a maze of doors and very small rooms. The secret here is for the next door to open the one you went thru first must be closed, and there's only enough room for one or two people at a time to get through. If you don't close the doors, you'll be there for awhile. A nice and different effect. Length about 8-10 mins. depending if you figure out the doors. only a 6, could've been better if this one had more rooms. Props the doors get a 10 but the rest only a 4 so will give it a 6 1/2. Actors-6 not nearly enough., Scariness, well the Freddy scene,  the doors, and in the cellar of this old building make this one about a 9.. Design-7 ½  for the doors again, but they could do lots more with this location. We all enjoyed this one, just too short! FinalScore 7 ½.  We would've rated higher if  longer. This could be a great haunt with a little work.  I'd say this one is worth the drive even though it's a bit short . Every one of us enjoyed this Haunt. So check it out.
Jackson Street
(just north of State Route U.S.52)
Higginsport, Oho
7 ½ SCHOOL OF THE DEAD: This Haunt is in an old abandoned school building.  It's creepy looking to start with, so it's a great place for a Haunt. All three floors of the school are utilized.You enter through the front double doors and are led into the first room where you must  navigate a dark maze. Ghouls pop out at different times to scare you. Through the maze, you go across the hall into another haunted classroom containing "dead" people and falling spiders. A crazed Jason masked ghoul lurks in the hallway upstairs as you make your way from room to room. He's armed with some sort of metal prop, and he continuously tosses it around and it comes crashing down with a loud "bang". At one point, a bright light comes at you  from the other end of the hallway which turns out to be a ghoul riding a large tri-cycle, and  honking a horn. There are plenty of rooms in here each with a different theme. Occupying one of the rooms is a crazy "killer" with a drill whose captured a  school kid, and begins to "drill" in his chest. "BLOOD" IS SQUIRTING OUT. This was an awesome effect.Another room contains a cornfield. inhabited by bloody, seemingly possessed kids, one of which follows you around the entire time you're inside. There are monsters with chain saws all over the place. Sparks fly off the fences as they attempt to reach out and get you. Inside another room, a ghoul attacks a  victim and "blood" gushes out of the "victims" mouth. You visit the detention room where a crazed student tries to attack you. The teacher is screaming for everyone to sit down and shut up. You may have to stay in detention for a long time at this school.. You traverse the Room of Lost Souls, and meet Lizzy Borden. She'll give you 40 whacks, so watch out. Back out in the hallway, a chain saw manic chases you  to the back of the building where the only escape is down a slide to the basement. We went down the slide, but to our surprise the chain saw maniac came sliding down behind us, landed on his feet, and continued his persuit. He chased us into a boiler room where Freddy Krueger was waiting to scare us. You have to get away from Freddy to make it out alive. Length-9, 20 minutes. I  was glad to see they used all three floors. Scariness-8, There are some really unique and scary scenes inside. Props-7 They had some good ones, but could use a few of the high-tech variety . They  made the most out of what they had to work with. Actors-6, Although they did a great job, most were kiddy actors.. Design-7, Most of the rooms were well planned, but they're limited in what they can accomplish because you enter and exit each room through the same doorway. Lots of black plastic inside. Value-9. for $5 you get a long, scary haunt. You can't beat the price. We enjoyed the School of the Dead, and recommend a visit!!!! Final Score-7½ 
State Route 138
Buford, Ohio
7 ½ BUFORD HAUNTED SCHOOL: This Haunt is in an old elementary school. You enter up a flight of stairs into a dark maze. Michael Myers is inside to scare you and lead you into dead ends. It's a very dark, creepy maze. You hear poundings on the walls throughout the Haunt. The corridors are very dark and narrow making them difficult to navigate. There are surprises around every corner including one spot where you have ghouls actually grabbing at your feet trying to tie your shoe strings together. In this Haunt, the ghouls actually touch and grab at you making this a very realistic experience. You encounter spongy floors in one of the corridors, and enter a room where the Devil is sitting up on his thrown. Another ghoul distracts you for a moment providing just enough opportunity for the Devil to jump up and scare you. From here you proceed to another maze-like hallway occupied by ghouls who deceive you into believing you must kneel down on the floor in order to crawl out through a hidden opening. One member of our group actually knelt down and began crawling around searching for a secret passage that didn't exist! We had a good laugh as one of the ghouls teased, "don't you feel stupid ?" At least some of us didn't fall for it. One of us got tricked, but it was a real treat for the rest of us! As you finally discover the way out, you're separated from a monster with a chainsaw by some chainlink fence. He drags the saw along the metal sending sparks flying everywhere, then escapes his caged domain and chases you out the door to "safety". Or so you think - Numerous chainsaw carrying monsters in very elaborate costumes are waiting just outside the door to chase you back to your car! We had a good time at this Haunt. Length-8, about 15 minutes. Props-5, They could use some additional props, but all proceeds go toward maintaining the school, so nothing goes back into the Haunt itself. It's all done by volunteers. Actors-8 ½ These guys never let up, and the fact that they actually come in contact with you adds to the realism. (There were some kiddy actors.) Scariness-7, It's very dark inside. Design-7, mostly a maze with tight, dark corridors. Value-6, a little expensive at $10. Final Score-7 ½  This one is worth a visit. 
7700 Seward Rd.
 Mt. Healthy, Ohio
(513) 729-1974
$6 - ($1 discount with canned good)
Devil at Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall
7 MT. HEALTHY HAUNTED HALL:  This little hall is always one of my favorites. Various props including graves and a caged monster are placed in the yard outside where the line to enter forms, creating a spooky atmosphere.  A witch greets your group upon arrival at the door to the Haunted Hall.  When she lets you in, you go into an elevator which vibrates and the lights flicker off and on, as it takes you to the 13th floor.  You exit the elevator through the same doors from which you entered, but now you're in a different room! As you step out of the elevator, you enter Hell, where, of course, the devil awaits you. You have to bow down to the devil, and crawl through, the opening is underneath him. It's a short crawl on your knees. Next, there are a few rooms (not nearly enough) where you encounter various monsters including Count Dracula.  One of his recent "victims" lies in a coffin in the back of the room.  Next, it's out the door to the back where there are many props in use. Giant tents are used for the scenes. You meet a crazy dentist, Jason, and a monster who attacks a young girl in one of the tents. There is also a Monster Maternity, and a spinning Tunnel Vortex - you know the kind that make you feel like you're turning to the side. This is one of the best Vortex's around.. The highlight is a dark little maze. It's not that big , but constructed to make it difficult to get out. You have to find, and crawl through a secret passage which is only about 3 feet high.  I made it out in about 5 mins., but only because I've been there so many times that I know what to expect.  One member of our group took about 13 mins. to find his way out. In all for $5 and a canned good, it's well worth it. Review- Length short in hall and then to back about 10 minutes if you can navigate the maze. We'll give it a 7, Props 6 - some good ones but not enough. Actors 6, need a few more adults. Design 7, not as long as past years. Scariness about a 6. Final Score 7 It's an exceptional value costing only $5 and the little maze gets an 8. A little shorter than in years past, but still very enjoyable. Check this one out. You will like it!!
1720 Glendale-Milford Rd
Cincinnati, Ohio (513) 771-1060
$8 - ($2 off coupon on web site)
St. Rita Haunted House
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7 ST. RITA'S HAUNTED HOUSE.:  This haunt has been around for years. Count Dracula awaits your arival outside the house, and hisses and taunts all the girls and kids while you wait your turn in line. Great old house with lots of actors inside, although some (if not many) are kiddy actors. There's a Vortex Tunnel inside. The House itself is worth the walk-through. It's a very old spooky house. If you've never been,  it's worth a look. House sits up on a hill behind the school..There are some new props inside including a guillotine in one room chopping off someone's head. There was a bottomless girl hanging on a pole. This was a really neat effect.  This Haunt was always only $5 or $6  and this year they raised it to $8. The money here  goes to a really good cause, so won't complain about the extra $2. This house is longer then usual - about 10 minutes or so to walk through. We had some fun here. Lengnth-6 only 10 minutes, Props-6 ½  some nice props in here,  old skeletons, and some wavy falling floors. Actors-6 too many kiddy actors. Scariness-7 the house will scare you. Design-7 ½  it's a neat house. Overall not bad at all. This Haunt's money goes to a good cause . So go and take a look as its very enjoyable.  It's definitely  worth a look, if just for the old house and the location.Final Score 7.
520 South Srtingtown Rd.
Xenia, Ohio
Psycho Path
7 PSYCO PATH:  The Psycho Path was a pretty long haunt lasting for about 20 minutes. You enter the path through an old haunted fort.. You go through a series of rooms, one of which is decorated with furnishings hanging from the ceiling to create the illusion that you're upside down. There were some spungy floors as you walk through, and the usual  rooms with body parts and body bags. The building was dark and scary looking, but there weren't nearly enough actors (only saw two). At this time I thought it was going to be really bad, but I was wrong. As you enter the woods, there were a lot more monsters  that jump out from the bushes and from behind trees trying to scare you along the way. The woods were dark and the lighting placed to create a very spooky look. You always had someone trying to surprise you. There was one actor crawling around the wet ground making weird sounds. This guy deserves a ten for chasing us along the muddy ground. He never let up on us! At one point a 10 foot tall monster rises from his chair and comes after you. There was also a monster prop that came dropping out of one of the trees that really startled us! After the woods you enter another building where  a hydrolic Freddy pops up out of a can as you walk by. One ghoul reached down from the rafters overhead grabbing at us. Then, the last part of the building was pretty empty again. Get some actors in there! Near the end of the trail, you have to walk past several vampiresses. We were looking for Dracula, but he was nowhere to be found. Length-9, it's a long path. Actors-7 some were real good, but too many places where there weren't any.(the buildings). Scariness-8, There were some very scary moments. Design-6. They could make this so much better. Props.6, There are some good props, but not nearly enough on a trail this long! Value-6, Not enough actors in the buildings. Not enough expensive props  to make it worth the $10. Final Score-7
1155 West Mound Street (Cooper Stadium)
Columbus, Ohio
$12 ($20 VIP Pass) + $2 parking
$2 discount coupon at Scary Ohio web site
(cannot be used with VIP Ticket)
Terror Park
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7 TERROR PARK: This Haunt gets off to a really good beginning. You enter a hearse through the back door and must crawl through the inside, over a see-thru glass panel with a dead body beneath you, and exit from the side door up front. You next go through a series of clown filled rooms. A clown in a moving jail cell blocks the two exits, and he shifts his cell dividing your group so that half exits out one door, and the rest of the group out the other. You're reunited shortly thereafter at another line - the entrance into the dungeon of Cooper Park. A ghoul is stationed at a pole and he stands there motionless until someone walks by, then he jumps out and surprises them. This guy was standing so still he was easily mistaken for a prop. Great Job!.You next enter the dungeon down three flights of stairs. It's very dark and foggy inside with scary music and the sound effects of dripping water throughout the dungeon. It's really creepy here as you make your way through the concrete passageways and beneath the stadium.There are some good props along the way. You enter a room where an old witch directs you to crawl through the mouth of a giant skull. As you crawl through, you pass over a dark glass panel which illuminates as you're above it and a monster is beneath the glass to surprise you. Continuing on, you pass over a "bottomless" pit - another see-thru panel which appears to have no bottom.. The next room is that of a caged maniac with a drill. Sparks fly off the bars of his cage where the drill contacts the metal. There's lots of coffins and grave sites along the way. You have to navigate a small, unstable wooden bridge. The bridge begins to shake as a Troll-like creature jumps up from underneath and yells "get off of my bridge"! There's a crazy Nell-like girl behind a cage playing with her dolly and  screaming really loud! Entering another room you encounter some church pews and an old pipe organ. Watch out because there are lots of ghouls sitting in those pews. An organ donation room features a monster offering to "cut out your heart",  and a gargoyle room where a bodyless gargoyles is alive, and glares at you as you walk by. He has no body, just a head and wings. A really neat effect! Length-7, about 15 minutes but you have to wait in line twice. Actors-6 , The ones they had did a good job, but there weren't nearly enough. Scariness-8, hearse is awesome! The setting itself is quite bone chilling. Props.-7,  some really good ones, but could use a few more high tech props. Design-6 dungeon really gives you the creeps at times, and the spooky music is fantastic, but standing in a second line costs this Haunt a few points. Value-6 ½ cost of $10 gets you some surprises and thrills, but more actors equal more scares. Additional actors would result in this one rating a lot higher. Great potential here. Final Score-7
7133 Tent Church Rd.
Lancaster, Ohio 43130
(740) 536-9148
$12 ($2 off coupon on their web site)
Gates of Terror
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Graveyard - Gates of Terror
7 GATES OF TERROR:  This Haunt is in it's first year, and is located on an old Indian Camp Ground. It's Haunted by two indian Ghosts!!! This Haunt gets you off to a fantastic start by having you walk through a foggy cemetery with lots of old tombstones. The undead walk these hallowed grounds in the form of two female zombies wearing bloody wedding dresses! Absolutely outstanding! One of our most favorite scenes all season long! Then, it's inside the first building where you must navigate a jungle scene, a cornfield, and some very dark passages. There's some spooky music playing inside, and the rooms are filled with props. One of the rooms contains a bottomless well. Don't believe it?  Look down into the well. It keeps going and going, appearing to be  a passageway into endless darkness! There are skeletal remains throughout, and a few moving props  to surprise you on your journey. You walk through the catacombs featuring lots of caskets and dead ghouls and exit into a maze which leads you back outdoors. (The maze was way too easy to navigate, and only 2 ghouls confronted us while inside.) You next go toward a second building. While waiting to enter, an undead dj plays music out of a casket! Once inside, you're met immediately by a bloody butcher who "beheads" his next victim using a guillotine, and "blood" is everywhere! Great acting by the Butcher! You make your way past some body bags, a room with glow masks, and see a projection of another ghoul. You go  into a clown room featuring a scary clown throwing balloons at you, and asking if you want to play?  Next, you encounter a Wicked Witch holding a very small girl captive  in a cage. The girl cries out for help, but the witch orders you to "Get Out" and a second witch appears with a knife behind you! There's another room where a sweet young girl asks you to play with her. Then suddenly the lights flicker and go out, and the little girl.springs up out of her chair and comes at you with a knife! Really scary in the dark! You pass through an asylum where the insane roam the halls, then into a Vortex with it's own haunting surprise - a camaflouged monster just waiting for you! This Haunt did an impressive job for their first year. Length-6 about 10 minutes. Could stand to be a  bit longer. Actors-8, They were trying really hard to scare us, although there were some kiddy actors. Props-7, For a first year haunt they had some really nice ones, and went all out to decorate the rooms. Hopefully they'll invest money from this year into some high tech props for next season. Scariness-7, The second building gets your blood flowing! Design-6, The maze needs tobe tougher and could use some more scares inside. Finding a way to connect both buildings into one would also be a plus. Value-6, At $10 it's a little high for a short haunt, but they do have other attractions like a pumpkin carving exhibit, a playland for younger kids, and even adult supervised child care for those too frightened to enter. Final Score-7  Expanding on this year's efforts will make 2005 even bigger and better. If you're in the area, check out this haunt!
3560 S. Main. St. (Behind Krogers)
Middletown, Ohio
$9 - ($1 off coupon available here.)
6 ½ THE MILL OF FEAR:  This Haunted attraction is in an old abandoned paper mill. It's a scary old building. Inside are some good scenes, You start out going in an old elevator, feels like you're going to drop to the bottom of the mill. You go through a few rooms, usual scenes and props. The actors are hidden and the scare value is good. The actors in the scenes put on a good show. They try hard to jump out and scare you. The Haunt ends up in a dark maze, takes a few minutes to find your way through. It is Very Dark, With actors jumping out or coming up behind you for a nice scare. If you like dark mazes, this is the one for you. Length-6, about 12 mins to go through longer if you are stuck in the maze. Props-6 not enough. Scariness-8, for the old mill itself and the actors jumping out when not expected. Actors-8, good job.  Design-6 1/2 If they would make this longer and add more rooms with props this could be a great Haunt. This one is however just a good Haunt, that could be great.. Value- If it were only $5  instead of $9  I'd  say it was  worth it. Needs to be longer. and  changed from year to year. If you were at the mill last year skip it. If you've never been, go it's a good haunt.
6701 Kellogg ave
Cincinnati, Ohio
$8 + $2 parking
Anderson Haunted Hike
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2000 Anderson Haunted Hike
6 ½ ANDERSON HAUNTED HIKE:  This trail was canceled last year do to the west nile infected mosquito outbreak, so we were expecting a lot this year. This has always been one of our favorite trails. The Haunt begins at "Death Row" where groups form to enter the trail. You're taken into a room with bats flying around where a witch warns you to beware on your journey! As she continues to speak, the ceiling suddenly falls to just overhead!. You begin the hike and  immediately encounter a giant insect propelling  towards you. It must've been the largest Mosquito ever - no wonder the hike was cancelled in '03!!  The trail is very foggy and looks mysterious in the moonlight. "Gunshots" ring out at a very dark, secluded part of the trail, and a coffin containing a monster startles you when it's  mysteriously propelled up and toward the hikers. Continuing on, you encounter a bus graveyard, but. the buses are empty.  They contain no ghouls or passengers on the old rusting buses to scare you as you walk past. Next, the trail leads into an old, abandoned, creepy looking building. Inside, a coffin opens and a corpse comes toward you saying, "Grandma has changed!" This was a good scare. Up next is the meat locker containing a crazy butcher and human "remains"  hanging on the big meat hooks. The butcher shouts "who's next" as he stalks the group passing through. Then it's back out into the woods where you encounter a Witches Convention. There must have been 15 witches brewing their potions in large, steamy cauldrons, and asking you to join them for dinner! This was the highlight of the hike as the witches were very well made up and the scene looks very real. Around the corner, there's a monster family sitting on a couch watching T.V., but it's more amusing than scary. On the back of the trail, you come up on an old double-wide trailer. The trailer door opens and what appears to be a lady of the night invites you to come inside and join her for a little fun.. You then enter Ashley's Room where a little girl pulls the head off her doll. The path  gets real spongy in places creating the illusion that you're sinking into the ground. Crazy chainsaw guys guard the exit and chase you out of the trail, and some pursue you well into the park. Length-7, about  15 minutes. Props-5, The "meat market" building was good, but they used a lot more props in past years! Actors-7, They had plenty out on the trail - never a dull moment. Scariness-8, There were alot of scary moments along the walk.Design-7, could've made better use of  the old buses. Value-5 at $10 this is a bit high. It should've been more like $7. Final Score-6 ½
11466 Madison Pike
Independence, Kentucky
6 THE HAUNTED PHARMACY:  This place is supposed to really be haunted. The pharmacist's father died upstairs, and his ghost is said to haunt the pharmacy. They say the lights and water come on mysteriously when he roams the upstairs! The Haunt doesn't include the upstairs so this was a disappointment. The Haunted Pharmacy begins in the first of many dark rooms. Behind a glass panel lurks a madman who stalks you early on, while another monster jumps out over a counter to surprise you in what appears to be a pharmacy supply room. All the rooms contained multiple monsters who confront you repeatedly on your way through. Scream is one such monster who grabs a "victim" and stabs her with his knife.  Then there's a mad butcher type character who claims a victim for himself with his bloody cleaver.  Two girls are chained to the wall in another room, and a voice warns you to stay away from his "slaves!" At this point a wild leather face like character comes after you revving up his chain saw! This Haunt's traditional Halloween theme is one of its strong points. It has witches, Count Dracula's burial sight, and plenty of scares. In a dark, seemingly empty area near the end of this Haunt, you're suddenly surprised by the loud, blaring horn of a semi-truck. It's headlights come on, and it appears to be coming directly towards you. Just in the nick of time, a door mysteriously opens on its own to let you out! Watch out for body parts on the steps on the way out!. The highlight of this Haunt is the volume of actors on hand to frighten you. They were clearly into their roles of scaring all who enter. Length-4 only about 5 or 6 minutes. This is the weakest part of an otherwise good Haunt.  If possible, they should make use of the top floor, and play off the "actually haunted" aspect by having the lights and water going on and off as you pass through. Design-4 although there were pretty many well done small sized rooms, all were separated by black plastic and for the most part mechanical props were missing. Props.-4, They could've used a lot more, but I guess they don't really have the budget like some of the larger attractions. What this Haunt lacks in props, the actors make up for by their sheer number and enthusiasm. Actors-9, They had some of the best I've seen this haunting season, and as already mentioned, lots of them. Scariness-8, The actors being really into it their roles makes this Haunt very realistic and scary. Value-4, $7 for a short 5 minute haunt is a little steep -$5 would be more fair. This Haunt has the potential to be really good.  They could stand to add some spooky music, and extend its length. Final Score-6  This Haunt is put on by a local fire department. If you're in the neighborhood, stop in for a scare.
5963 Harrison Ave. 
Dent, Ohio (513) 598-4600
$9 - ($2 off coupon on website)
The Haunted House click logo
to view
web site
6 HAUNTED SCHOOLHOUSE DENT :  This one is sponsored by 97.3 alternative rock radio station. WEBN used to be on board, and it was better then. Nothing much has changed in this haunted attraction for 5 yrs.  Some of the original props have disappeared - they left when 'EBN left. We were hoping for a change this year in the design and props, but no such luck.  If you've been here in the last 5 years, you may want to seek scares elsewhere.  You will definitely enjoy it if you've never been to this haunt before. Here's the review. length about 10 mins.-6, Actors-5 not nearly enough inside, Props-6, Christmas trees have no business in a haunted house. (I gave props an 8 five years ago) Design.-5  It's a great old building , but they could do so much better. Scariness-6. There is nothing special here, but worth a look if you've  never been before. Value 7, fairly inexpensive by today's standards. Final score 5 ½. Disappointing because there's so much tradition and potential here.
  Exit 25 off  I-71
Mason, Ohio
AROUND $25  Online
Kings Island Fearfest
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5 THE  HOUSE  OF THE DEAD:  This was the best of the night - its about 10 mins to go through. Some good props inside and a lot of actors. The scene of the real girl getting cut in half was awesome. She's screaming as the saw slices her in two. Awesome effect. It is very scary for smaller children. We were with a lady and two kids - a girl and a boy around 10. Both were scared out of their wits. We enjoyed this one . Design-8, Actors-9, Props-7 (saw was a 10), Length-6, Scariness-8.. Final Score 7 ½.
CURSE OF THE CRYPT:  Mummy's and tombs inside here. Highlight is a lost girl trapped under glass as you crawl over her. She's screaming to get out. Make sure you can bend over and crawl to go inside here. Basic props and not enough workers inside here though. Design-7, Actors-7, Props-6, Length-5 about 7 mins.  scariness-5 Final Score 6 FRIDAY THE 13th:  This is inside a theater. It's a movie montage with all of Jason's scary scenes, combined with actors on a stage doing lives scenes. If you likethe movies, you'll like this about 10 mins. 6 might be too scary for young kids. Final Score 7.
HAUNTED TRAIL:  We stayed in line 55 minutes for this!!! The trail was about 10 mins. long. Only highlight was a spook jumping outward and pulled back by bungie cords. Lots of dead spots. The first 4 mins. had only one corn scarecrow come at you. Not much to praise here - bad kiddy actors  and just the usual chainsaws at the end. Oh yeah, and one exploding toilet in an old Jed Clampett shack, you may get wet. Length 4, Actors 2, Props 3 not nearly enough, design 2. scariness 3 just for chainsaws and bungie guy. Final Score  3
CIRCUS OF HORRORS:  If you're scared of killer clowns then go here. If not, you won't like this one. It's got designs in 3d so you get the glasses as a souvenir (wow). A short haunt - only about 5 mins and just clowns inside. Nothing special just 3d effects.  Design-5 for 3d effects, props-2 just clowns inside, actors,-5 what can you do in a clown suit, length-3 way too short, scariness-3 unless you're scared of clowns . Final Score 3  (BUT IF YOU'RE SCARED OF CLOWNS YOU'LL PROBABLY LIKE IT)
MAZE OF MADNESS:  This Haunt is just a maze made with chain link fence. Only a few bloody butcher's inside. We enjoyed trying to get through the maze, which had a lot of dead ends. It took me about 10 mins to get through it. One member of our group was in there about an extra 8 mins. It becomes somewhat crowded as more and more people search for the way out. Length 10 to 18 mins.-7, scariness-2 a lot of people just laughing trying to find the way out, actors -3, not enough, design-7 props-1 - just fence. Final Score 5.
OVERALL FEARFEST EXPERIENCE:  Value if you like the rides go. If just going for the Haunts skip it. The Haunt lines can be over 2 hrs. long, and aren't worth the wait in line.
12025 Shore Drive (off Rich Road)
Loveland, Ohio
(513) 683-4686
$6 + $1 parking
Loveland Castle
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5 LOVELAND CASTLE: We went to this Haunt on a very windy night and all their power was out  This may have played in our favor as we got to experience THE CASTLE by candle light!  That made this place even creepier!. The setting is extremely unique, and as you wait to enter, a doorman of sorts tells you about the person who built it. The tour begins in the Game Room where you hear a tale of the Knights that lived in the castle years ago. There's an executioner wearing a hooded robe popping out around the corner. Next is the Dining room with "dead" guests seated at the table. The guide asks if you want to stay for dinner saying your group can be the next victims. They don't use the castle to it's fullest extent as you don't get to experience too many of its rooms. The halls have arched doorways, and of course the walls and steps are constructed with stone blocks. The tour exits the castle into the back yard containing a series of tents. Some scary scenes and row after row of skeletons. There's a small dark maze to navigate, and of course a chainsaw guy to chase you out. Length-6 about ten minutes. Actors-4, not nearly enough. The hooded executioner in the first room was the best. Design-5, They extended the tour to include the backyard this year, but you don't spend enough time inside the castle itself. Scariness-5, Entering a real castle down on the banks of the Little Miami River is the scariest part. Props-4, An actual suit of armor is the best prop inside. Need a lot more. Value-7, It only costs $6, which gets you into the creepy old castle, but the experience is far too short. Final Score 5  The tour was better than in years past because it was lengthened to include the backyard. However, the Haunt itself was much better years ago when it was presented as a "Haunted Castle" as opposed to the tour theme.  Does anybody remember when they parked you at the school and gave you that scary bus ride down that spooky hill to the Castle? Witches drove the buses "wildly" pumping the brakes to make the bus jerk, and the buses themselves didn't even have their lights on inside or out!!  This was really scary! That ride really used to set the mood to enter the Castle, and it's not the same without it.
(2 Haunts in 1)
6997 Springfield-Jamestown Rd.
Springfield, Ohio
$14 for both ($1 off coupon on web site)
Terror Maze and Mad Jaxe House of Horror
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6 TERROR MAZE: This Haunt was fairly long. You start off by entering the first of several dark mazes all of which are  cheaply made with black plastic for walls and ceilings. A good wind could wreak more havoc than The Big Bad Wolf! Once through the maze, you come to an old hearse blocking your path, and you must crawl through the side doors and past the casket in the rear in order to continue! Actually entering the hearse is awesome!. Next, you go into a trailer which is seperated into small rooms with average props. There are a lot of dismembered body parts throughout. There is one room with about 50 glowing Jason masks on the wall. Two of the masks are worn by real actors who come after you trying to keep you in the room and prevent you from finding the hidden doorway out. Then it's back out into a trail in the woods.There are several rooms, and more dismembered body parts along the way and alot of kiddy actors. The worst thing about this Haunt is the extremely loud (and annoying) ROB ZOMBIE music playing throughout the entire Haunt This is supposed to be a scary time. Haven't they ever heard of MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE, or perhaps the HALLOWEEN  theme?. Length-8, It's about 20 minutes. Actors-4, a few good ones, but way to many kiddy actors. Scariness-6, a few good scary things, but the loud music ruins it. Props-6, This place has a halloween store where they sell props.They could stand to put them out on the trail and add other scary props instead of just dismembered body parts. Design.-5, The Terror Maze has some nicely designed rooms with hidden, hard to locate doors. The hearse crawl-through is a classic!.But it's placement is too early in the Haunt. Black plastic is severely over used, and of course that STUPID, LOUD, NOT SCARY music. This haunt could be a lot better. Need to set a better mood with more traditional Halloween music, and  give us more adult actors and this has the potential to be an 8. Final Score-6
4 ½ MAD JAXE HOUSE OF HORROR: This is indeed a House of Horror. The Horror is listening to the loud annoying rock music again. This Haunt wasn't all that long, only about 10 minutes. You go into a series of dark rooms. The usual monsters are inside to attack you. Most of the monsters here were kiddy actors. The highlight of this haunt is a room with a dead body lying on a bed of spikes. The spikes look like they go right through him. As you look at him, he jumps up screaming to scare you. Too bad this was the only good room inside. Most of this haunt has the black plastic walls again. As you go through, you wind up in what looks like an old garage. You can see the owners junk piled up on shelves. This should've been covered up with some of that black plastic. It was all over everything else. Junk, wheelbarrows and old tables aren't scary. The end of this Haunt is kind of unique, bringing you out in their Halloween store. There wasn't anything really special  about this Haunt - too much black plastic and over use of dismembered body parts again. Just an average haunt. Length-6-about 10 minutes. Actors-4, mostly for the spike guy. Way too many kiddy actors. Scariness-4, kiddy actors don't do it for us. Design.-4, It's  in the back of an old garage and house. They couldv'e done a lot better with this one. Too much plastic! Props-3, They had better ones for sale in the store! Value-5, wasn't worth the $7.to get in. Bring earplugs for the loud music. It ruins these two haunts. Final Score-4 ½  This one isn't worth the drive!
Knapke Lane (off Rte.503)
Lewisburg, Ohio
5 THE HAUNTED SWAMP: This Haunted Trail was nothing out of the ordinary.  A bonfire welcomes you to your wait in line. The Haunt itself has the same props as most trails. They did have sufficient actors trying to scare you as you went on your walk. Legnth-4 only about 8 minutes. Scariness-4, not real scary. Actors-7, They try very hard to scare and surprise you. Design-3 nothing out of the ordinary. Props-3, need to add to what they already have. Value-9, It's only $5 and they sold $1 chili dogs. They just need to invest in some additional and better props, and lengthen the trail. This has the potential to be quite good, but for now, it's just average. Final Score 5 The people at this haunt were very friendly and wanting customers to have a good time. At least we know there are friendly people in Lewisburg.
8838 Refugee Rd.
Pataskala, Ohio
(740) 927-7376
$10 +$1 parking
($1 discount coupon at Scary Ohio)
Pataskala Haunted Forest
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4 ½ PATASKALA HAUNTED FOREST: You enter the woods where find an old run-down shack, and meet a scary old man. He tells a story of the crazy Murdock family, of which he is a member, some of whom escaped death many years ago and continue to haunt the woods. From here you proceed down a long monsterless, propless path into another small building. Inside is a dark maze you have to navigate. You next meet up with one one the Murdocks who takes you into his slaughter house. Inside there are hooks on the walls awaiting the next victims! Back onto the monsterless, propless path to the room of the Countess Murdock who has tied up a princess and is holding her hostage. A Prince attempts a rescue, but is subdued by her guards - two Knights in armor who attack the Prince. A sword and shield fight ensues, and the Prince is "stabbed" by the Countess' henchmen. The Prince goes after the Countess before he "dies", but she "stabs" him with her knife, then "cuts the throat" of her prisoner,drinks her blood, and proclaims "Immortality"! She brings the knights back to life with black magic and sends them after us, but of course we escape. Back to the monsterless, propless path through the woods (our guides took us the wrong way so we were momentarily lost in the woods) to a clown room, and another skit - this one with off color humor which was neither funny nor scary.  The lights go out and you're surrounded by clowns by the time they come back on. Back on the monsterless, propless trail to the room of a mad doctor with an illuminated  head coming out of his stomach. The room has two upright standing coffins. He asked for volunteers for his experiment. The Volunteers are placed inside the coffins, and mysteriously disappear when the doors are shut! They rejoin the group before the next room. This was the highlight of the Haunt! Back to the deserted path and into a Psychosis room where a mistress controls two crazy girls covered with "blood".She summons them to attack us, but again we are able to escape. Down the no frills path, past a cemetery (the one and only prop along the path) to the final room which is very dark inside. A masked  skeleton creature springs to life creating a distraction which enables chainsaw maniacs to attack you from the other side, and chase you out of the woods. Length- 10, about 30 minutes. Actors-5, The one's inside the buildings did a good job, but there were none in the woods. Design-2, No monsters or props on the path, and only 6 wooden shacks to walk through. The path could at least be lit with torches. Scariness-4, only a couple of scary scenes none of which took place in the woods. Props-2 extremely lacking - old shacks and woods, nothing else.Value-5, at $10 this is over priced, but all money goes to charity, and all the workers are volunteers. Final Score-4½  This is more like a play with 5 or 6 skits than an actual Haunt. It's different. But, worth it?
9400 Cylo Rd 
Centerville, Ohio
(937) 433-6393 - $8
Bonnybrook Farm Haunted Hayride
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4 ½ BONNYBROOK FARM HAUNTED HAYRIDE:  This hayride isn't nearly as good as the other ones in this same general area. It  has some nice scenes but, nothing special. Has a lot of clowns in one section. We are not scared of clowns, and neither were the many kids on this hayride. Nothing really stands out here. If you want to take younger kids on a hayride this one would be it - not nearly as scary as the others. Length-8 about 20 mins., Actors-4 (they're few and far between), Props-4 not enough and lots of nothing happening dead spots. Design-4, could be lots better. Scariness only a 4 unless you're scared of clowns.Value  not worth the $8 to ride Final Score 4 ½.   Lets pass on this one. Other Hayrides are much better.
Clark County Fairgrounds
Springfield, Ohio
$8 - ($1 off coupon in Miami Valey Magazine)
4 ½ THE SLAUGHTER HOUSE:  The Slaughterhouse is in the pig barn. Once again you have the pleasure of hearing annoyingly loud rock music. They obviously copied this off the other haunts in Springfield. As you walk through, it's not very dark. You can see the building lights on the open ceilings. I think they should've borrowed some of the black plastic down the road. On second thought, no they shouldn't - they had their fair share of it too.  But, they could've covered up the top with something. This haunt is fairly long about 10-15 minutes, but there isn't anything special about it. You get to walk through the pig pen.left over from the fair. There's even sawdust still on the floor. There are alot of rooms, but most are nothing happening. They needed more props and a lot more actors in the slaughter house.  They combined us with another group to make one large group of 10 - their standard size group according to the posted sign.  One guy from this other group kept punching the hanging skeleton props causing them to swing wildly back and forth.  Nothing was said about this, but when one member of our group reached out and stopped one of the skeletons from moving, a kiddy actor ordered him not to "touch the props".  WHAT??? Length-8, it was pretty long, Props-4, they didn't have enough. Cheap rubber monsters The girl ghoul hanging without the bottom half was the best scene in here. Actors-2, needed to add about 30 actors. They had the same actors pop up in different rooms. Design-6, it has potential. Cover up the ceilingS! Scariness 4, average scares along the way, but group size is too large. Value-4, wasn't worth  the $8  I paid to get in. I had to listen to that same NOT SCARY loud music again. Final Score-4 ½
2520 N.Verity  Parkway
 Middletown, Ohio - $8
Horror House
4 ½ THE HORROR HOUSE:  (This is not your average haunted house). You have karaoke out  front of the old house which was awful. Inside it's a museum-like haunted house. You look through small windows push on a button and lights come on and a scene appears. At one of the windows there is a farting Elvis on a toilet, this is more funny then scary as are most of the scenes. There is a short  trail outback. It's done well but too short. Then back in the old house for some more push button action. If you're looking for a different kind of scare, this is it. Not really worth it in our opinion. Length-5 about 8 minutes, Props-6 ,(Just for being different), scariness-3, actors-3 ( not many) , design-6 (it is definitely different) Might enjoy if you're into a haunted  funhouse. Value-not worth the $8 price   If you're looking for a scare skip this one!
4392 Swishers Mill Rd.
Lewisburg, Ohio
$10 - ($1 off coupon on web site)
official web site
4 THE LEWISBURG CAVE:  This Haunt was a big disappointment. We went to the Cave with high hopes. The line for this haunt takes you 80 feet underground to the entrance of an old, abandoned limestone mine. We waited in line patiently. They said we had to wait for a bigger group. Well, they waited till we had 18 people in all. They put a 14 year old "ghoul" in front as our guide, and  a security guard in the back of the group. We were in the very front of this oversized group as we entered the caves. All the scenes were based on Horror Movies. There were some very nice mechanical prop set-ups in the cave, but we didn't get to see many of them in action - they weren't activated until the first 5 paying customers had already passed them by! If you were in the middle of our group you got to experience the props, but if you were at the beginning as we were, or near the end you missed out! To make things worse, our guide kept ordering us to "KEEP UP"! He said this everytime we turned to see the props go off that we were missing. He rudely snorted "KEEP UP" at least 15 times during the Haunt. We were trying to enjoy the scenery.and props which we paid to see. You can't enjoy anything here. KEEP UP!!!  Do not touch the Cave. One member of our group was even chastised for touching the limestone. "You might cause an avalance" he was told! What a Joke!!  There's also a maze in the cave at the end of this haunt. Here they don't let you find your own way out. The guide and security guard are telling you which way to go. The security guy even went so far as to put his hand on the trailer's shoulder guiding him "go left...now right..." Why have a maze if they're going to tell you which way to go? Maybe they wanted everyone to KEEP UP!  I  thought I was at a haunted attraction. HMMM!!  This attraction had so much potential and falls flat. The guide and security guard ruined what could've been a good haunt. They need to have smaller groups (say about 6-10) and friendly people working who are going to let the paying  hauntees have a good time. Length-8, It's about 20 minutes to go through. Props-5, I think there were some good ones in here but, we didn't get to see them.We had to KEEP UP! Scariness-6, The cave itself is a unique setting, after that we missed too much to rate it any higher. We had to KEEP UP. Actors-1, No adults working in the cave, just kiddy actors! Are you scared of  a 3 foot monster? Are you Keeping up? Value-4 too many kiddy actors for $10. Take your $10 and KEEP on going UP the highway to a better haunt. Design-2, this has so much potential. There are  alot of  dead space as you walk through. This would be a great place to have a HAUNT. This is just a haunted kiddyland. We can't recommend the Cave this year. Such a shame too with so much potential.  This Haunt was better 2 years ago before they started on the Horror Movie theme. They used to have a car coming at you and driving around wildly inside the cave. If you want to enjoy a Haunt pass on this one. If the Owners KEEP UP their way treating customers here, they'll be out of business soon. I'd have scored it much higher, but they rush you through it. KEEP UP! Final Score 4
(2 Haunts in 1)
6998 Springfield-Jamestown Rd. ?
Springfield, Oho
$14 for both ($1 off coupon on web site)
Panic Box Spookhouse and Kruger's Corn Maze
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4 PANIC BOX:  This Haunt is right across the street from Terror Maze and Mad Jaxe.We returned to this Haunt to give its operators a second chance. They said we were there on a bad night. I don't think there should be any bad nights. If you charge to get in, you should deliver the goods. While we waited in line Freddy attacked some of the crowd. This was a surprise, and resulted in some screams from the patrons. They have a ghoul go-go dancer in a cage outside the haunt. This is pretty unique, but she kept leaving and the cage remained empty much of the time. Skull lights decorating the outside weren't burning again. We entered the Panic Box for our second visit. Just as before, the lighted props at the beginning were not burning.  They had a week since our last visit to get them going and they still didn't work! As you make your way in, your warned of RATS! This time around, they at least had live rats in previously empty cages. (The first time we went through there were no rats!) This building is separated into a series of very small rooms with extremely low ceilings where you have to stoop down or crawl on at least two occasions.  There's a dark, foggy maze, and a spot where you get trapped by ghouls making hard to find the way out.(this is the only scary thing inside unless you're scared of caged rats). You are only in the building for about 5 minutes and then led into a cornfield. Lots of monsters jump out from the corn to scare you. There's a spaceship in the field.you have to walk through. Before, there were kiddy actor aliens inside, but now there's  nothing -  just a little, easy to navigate maze inside.Where were the aliens? (not that I like aliens in a Haunt - I'd prefer to see witches, vampires, etc.  - afterall, it is Halloween) The best two things at the Box are in the cornfield. There's a shaking, blindfolded, hanging man suspended by a rope, and a dead guy in spikes who's propelled outwardly off his spike bed toward you. These are excellent props. Too bad this haunt doesn't have more props like those. They did have more adult actors working than last weekend, but that could've been the result of the corn maze attraction being closed due to weather. Doesn't make much sense to include the cornfield as part of the Panic Box when you're offering it as a separate attraction. They play Rock and Roll at this Haunt as opposed to more traditional, eerie music.Rock music is NOT SCARY. The Box was somewhat better then last weekend, but still can't recommend. Length-4 only about 8 minutes or so. Scariness 4, most of this score for the spiked dead guy!. Actors-5 they did have a few more actors this time around.Freddy did a good job out in line. Props-4, just for the two I mentioned.. Design-3, not very good at all. The box was short and, room entrances guarded by old rugs. This could be a lot better Value 4, for $7 I'd expect a lot more. Final Score-4 
0 KRUEGER'S CORN MAZE: The maze wasn't open for our return visit due to rain so we'll stick with our initial review. The maze is advertised to be tough - taking anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 ½  hours to get out. It took us less then 5 minutes! We went straight about 50 yards, turned left, then left again, and then another left and we were out. The only monsters we encountered were 3 little kids in masks. We can't even give this haunt a score. The owners told us the exit wasn't supposed to be in the front . They said the.people who built it for them cut it wrong. They told us they were changing it to eliminate the early escape and make it more difficult. No such change was evident - the exit was still in the same place. It's a little late anyway, since they've been open for about 4 weeks now! Unless you want to be alone with your girlfriend/boyfriend in a dark cornfield SKIP THIS ONE.  Length-0, 4 minutes. Scariness-0 - a cornfield with 3 kiddy actors. Actors-0, few and far between. Props-0, there weren't any. Design-0, way too easy.  Value-0, I can't believe I paid seven dollars for this. I felt like asking for my money back! Final Score-0 ... Although directly across the street from each other, PB and KM are owned and operated by different people than Terror Maze and Mad Jaxe reviewed above. 
6070 Springboro Rd 
(937) 748-2272
Lebanon, Ohio - $8
The Black Bog at Bull Run Farms
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3 ½ BLACK BOG AT BULL RUN FARMS:  As good as the Hayride is, this isn't. It's the first year for the Bog, so it can only get better. It's is a trail they made on the opposite side of the hayride. The trail itself starts off through a cheap maze, just back and forth. then into the trail. Only a few actors and scenes along the way. This isn't a long trail and there were numerous dead spots. Nothing special here, not even average. Length-4 about 8 minutes., Props-3, not nearly enough, Actors 5, not enough but they did try, Design-3, cheap except for the wooden walkway, would have been better to walk on the ground, and put the money spent on the wooden walkway into bog props! Scariness-4 at best. This one needs a lot of work! A big disappointment after the hayride, so if you do the Bog, make sure you hit it prior to the hayride. Value- should've been FREE with the Hayride, not $8  Not worth it - skip it!!  Final score - 3 ½
835 Spring St.
Jeffersonville, IN
Industrial Nightmare
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3 ½ INDUSTRIAL NIGHTMARE:  We got off to a bad start here. On their web site it says they open at 7:00. We got in line at 7:10 and were inside the door to the ticket window in 5 min.We thought our fun night of haunting was soon to start.. No such luck. Upon purchasing your tickets, you proceed immediately to a dark maze where you must choose which direction to go. One side is a dead end. The other leads into a museum room where we were surprised to find about 75 people waiting in another line to get into the Nightmare! We entered the next line at 7:20 p.m. In this room there is a large screen TV playing video clips of horror movies. The loop ran about 30 times while we waited in line. It was all right to watch their horror montage once or twice, but thirty times gets old in a hurry. In addition, the clips didn't have matching audio. Instead, they were accompanied by dance club music. There are wax figures of horror movie stars surrounding the room - Freddy, Jason, Frankenstein, Leatherface, etc. We stood in line in the museum room for exactly 1 hr. before the first group was allowed to enter. The line was backed up to the maze. There was about 300 people in the room by the time they opened the attraction an hour and 20 minutes LATE! (Their advertised opening time is at 7:00!!!.) It was 8:55 when we finally entered the Industrial Nightmare as part of an oversized group of 8 (the group in front of us only had 4 people). Double doors open and you enter the laboratory of a mad scientist performing experiments. There is a lot of electronic equipment in the room in addition to the mad scientist's electrified subject strapped to a table. There were a couple of evil mutants lurking around the first few corners trying to scare you. You next go into a series of rooms. They had some good props in some of the rooms, but it was basically more of the same - electronic equipment and  chemical waste scenes over and over in room after room, and a lot of waste barrels. The same actors cut through openings to scare you two or three times.We don't like it when you get the same actors in scene after scene. There was a three foot kiddy scream guy among the radioactive waste barrels. I don't understand what SCREAM is doing in a chemical waste plant. He kept popping up 5 or 6 times, and wasn't scary at all. In fact, he was out of place. Most of the actors here just banged on barrels. There weren't many surprises on this haunt. Just loud poundings on walls and barrels. Most of the rooms along the way were very similar. This haunt needed more props than black waste barrels. One thing I did like was walking across a see-thru glass walk way high up over the chemical waste pool below. Waste (water) was flowing out of burst pipes above and falling to the waste pool below. This was the best part of the Haunt. There were even dead skull heads popping out of the waste pool. Then it was back through more waste barrels and more "ghouls" banging on them. Before we new it we were out and chased by a ghoul with a chain saw. At one point, we were ordered to "go faster" as the group behind us was catching up! Imagine that open late and rush you out! Did I mention all those chemical waste barrels? Length-5, less then  ten minutes - should've taken longer, but they rushed us through it. Actors-3, not nearly enough inside. Got tired of seeing the same ones. Props-4, the waste pool was the best - too many barrels. Scariness-4, Nobody in our group seemed scared at all. Theme of the attraction is a bust - nothing in common with Halloween. Mad scientist is fine for a room or two, but not throughout. Design-4, Limited in what they can achieve by the industrial theme.Value-1,  $13.95 for a haunt that doesn't deliver scares is way too much. Final Score-3 ½  There are plenty of great haunts across the river in Louisville. Skip this one!
2070 Jackson Rd
Hamilton, Ohio
(513) 726-5585
$10 +$1 parking (goes to fire dept)
The Haunt
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3 ½ THE HAUNT: This Haunt was operated by the same folks who offered THE HAUNT ON THE RIVER IN 2003. The first thing you notice as you begin this trail is the scary music playing as you enter the woods. It sets the perfect tone for a trip through the dark, spooky woods as it's audible throughout the path.  Walking along the trail you enter the first of about 6 small buildings, none of which are anything special. Each one has an actor or two inside. There are far too many propless dead spots walking from building to building, and very few surprises. One of the buildings has a bloody bathtub and bodyparts, while another displays a Bates Motel sign, but Freddy Krueger not Norman Bates is inside???  A "Flat-headed" monster who looks as though the top of his head has been flattened with a hammer detains you in another room and blocks the exit for a short time.The best part of the trail is a small, dark maze where monsters pound on the walls and scream loudly from "inside the walls". Lots of chainsaws on the way and to their credit these monsters are relentless, following you from time to time and getting really close to you. There's also a spot along the path where the footing gives way beneath your feet and you sink down into the ground slightly.  These traps are covered with dirt similar to the rest of the path making them difficult to spot. Length-6 about 15 minutes. The trail is pretty long, but there simply isn't enough scenery. Actors-6 "Flat-head" and 5 chainsaw guys deserve an 8, but need more, and there are too many kiddy actors.  Scariness-3, unless you're afraid of chain saws this one isn't that scary. Props-2, need a lot of improvement in this department. Design.-3, The trail was laid out to make it long, but needs additional scenes between the buildings.Value-3, at $10 dollars this one is way too expensive. Final Score-3½  They're enthusiastically planning a house for next year as opposed to a trail, and it sounds as though it has TREMENDOUS POTENTIAL!
835 Spring St. (basement)
Jefersonville, IN
($6 in conjunction with Industrial Nightmare)
The Asylum
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3 THE ASYLUM:  This Haunt is in the cellar of the Industrial Nightmare. I think this one was built to make more money for the owners of the Industrial Nightmare. At least they didn't pull the double line trick again... The Asylum is mostly made up of dark corridors, fog  and strobe lights. Once again the actors here just pounded on the walls as you walked through the corridors, and once again you confront the same actors more than once. There were some metal chains hanging from the ceilings. If someone ran through here fast, someone behind them could get hurt  from these heavy swinging chains. I don't know why they called it the asylum. I didn't see any insane people locked up. All we saw were strobe lights and black walls and very few props. It's over in about 5 min. There weren't many actors, and it's not scary unless you're afraid of the dark! You exit on the same side as the Industrial Nightmare, and the same chainsaw guy chases you again. Length-3, way too short. Props-2, nothing much to speak of. Actors-3, not enough inside to scare you. Design-2,  just black wood to make maze-likecorridors (at least it's not the dreaded black plastic). Scariness-3,  for the fog and darkness. Value-5, Just because it was only $6. Final Score-3 Skip this one too. Go to Kentucky!
320  N. Garver Rd.
Monroe, Ohio
The Terror Within - Zombie Island and House of the Damned
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2 THE TERROR WITHIN ZOMBIE ISLAND: This Haunt is at the Turtle Creek Flea Market. It's on the backside of the market around a lake. When we got there we talked to a guy  who told us he used to run NIGHT OF FRIGHT. He is now running this new haunt. We expected it to be good. We were wrong! This Haunt was a joke. I mean that literally. We went through the trail. There were monsters laughing not even trying to scare us. They weren't even ready when we walked through. Some didn't even have their masks on!  In addition, there were a lot of dead spots. This was a short trail, so there shouldn't be dead spots. There were a few good props along the way, but not nearly enough. We were expecting a lot, but found very little. This trail is a big waste of time. When we entered the trail they said we'd all be damned! That's exactly how we felt spending $10 on such a lousy haunt. Their second haunted attraction (House of the Damned) wasn't open due to the fire marshall, so we did save $8. Length-4 only about 7 minutes long. Actors-1 they were too busy laughing with each other to scare anyone. There were far too few monsters on the trail only about 10 - the guy with the chanisaw didn't even bother to come out. Props-4, Some were good, but they didn't have nearly enough. Scariness-1 laughing monsters don't scare us. Design-3, only around half the lake and some cheaply made props. Value-1, this isn't worth more the price. We all felt ripped off by this one.We returned one week later to learn that House of the Damned will not be operational this year. Final  Score 2
17 Vine Street
Elsmere, Kentucky
1 HAUNTED DRY DOCKS:  This Haunt is located in a former marina, hence the name. It begins in a room with a  witch-like character seated behind a table or desk. She doesn't say anything, or try to scare you,  just sits there. It was dark inside with creepy music playing. There were few actors and even fewer props. A devil (prop, not an actor) was sitting at a spider web covered organ inside the first room, and a Michael Myers dummy sitting on a couch soon followed. Next, a few dark rooms with kiddy actors, and finally a room featuring bloody body parts hanging near a mad butcher eating a corpse, then a chainsaw guy chasing you out. The best part of this Haunt was the spooky music playing throughout. From outside the Haunt, you could see strobe lights flashing through the upstairs windows, but once inside, you never ventured upstairs. The Haunt costs $6. Hopefully, they'll invest the price of three admissions in a fog machine! Length-2 less then 5 minutes. Actors-2, mostly kids inside. Props 1, There were only a few. Scariness-1, just because the kids were trying to scare you. If you're under the age of 6 you might be frightened. Design-1, It looks like this was thrown together in about a week.Value-0, $6 for rooms with few props and kiddy actors is ridiculous.  If you have small children and live in the neighborhood he or she might enjoy going through. They said it was their first year - hopefully it'll be their last. I can't believe that they're charging money to get in here. This one is simply awful. Don't waste your time. Final Score 1
1365 Ohio Pike
Amelia, Ohio - $7
0 NEW RICHMOND CATS HOUSE OF HORROR:  Attempted to visit on Friday, October 29th and found their banner up on a deserted building.  Lights inside were on, but no evidence a haunt ever existed here.  If it did,  it's no longer in operation so don't waste your time.  Final Score 0
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